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Exploring the Turf Industry Through Mentorship

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Oct 2, 2023 3:07:28 AM
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Hi, I’m Emma Seward, recent graduate of Purdue University. I decided to go into the turf industry because it allowed me to pursue a career that combines my love of the outdoors and sports with science and math. I originally went to Purdue with the goal of pursuing athletic training, ultimately did not end up liking it and took my first turf class and decided to switch majors. While at Purdue I was able to participate on both the STMA student challenge and GCSAA turf bowl teams. I also conducted a directed undergraduate field study and assisted with other studies while in school. Unrelated to turf I spent a year as a social media intern for Purdue athletics where I helped create social media graphics, host media personnel during game days, assist in press conferences, and keep track of redshirt eligibility.

I decided to take the mentorship with AQUA AID Solutions because they offered me a great opportunity to get the chance to continue to explore the industry after graduation. Having the chance to be able to see and shadow all the different sides of the industry will ultimately allow me to decide the path that I see myself fitting into the best and set me up for success down the road. With this mentorship I hope to come out of it with greater knowledge of all different aspects of the industry and having acquired a greater network of connections and to find my place in the industry. So far, I have had many opportunities to meet and shadow many people and learned an array of new things already and I can't wait to share my experiences with everyone.