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Podcast: PBS150 helps achieve conditioning and water savings in Utah

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Jun 21, 2024 7:36:34 AM
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Topics: PBS150, Golf Course, Moisture Management, Water Savings

Understanding Water Quality and How it Effects Infiltration

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Apr 26, 2024 9:53:46 AM

The health and vitality of turfgrass, whether on golf courses, sports fields, or home lawns, rely heavily on efficient irrigation practices. However, the quality of water used for irrigation can influence the performance of your turfgrass.

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Topics: Rootzone Management, Calcium, soil testing, Soil Solutions, thCa, Verde-Cal G

Pioneer in Turfgrass Water Reduction Research with PBS150 and OARS HS

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Apr 11, 2024 2:43:49 PM

AQUA-AID Solutions continues to set new standards in the turfgrass industry by being the first company to have published, peer-reviewed research to quantify a reduction in irrigation water use and irrigation frequency with turfgrass treated with a soil surfactant.

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Topics: PBS150, Moisture Management, OARS HS

2024 Turfheads Grilling BINGO

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Apr 3, 2024 12:09:52 PM

Turfheads Grilling started in 2021, in a time where we were all challenged to be together. Our goal was to create a platform, through social media, with our partners at Golf Course Industry, to share a passion many you have for grilling, BBQ smoking and just cooking in general. We never imagined, entering our 4th year, that #TurfheadsGrilling would be where it is today.

We continue to look forward to and enjoy the camaraderie through cooking you share each day with your crews, friends and families. Our last three years of friendship has introduced 3 Turfheads Grilling Cookbooks, many cookouts together, particularly the annual cookout with Golf Course industry Magazine and countless new ideas for our next weekend or crew cookouts.

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Topics: Turfheads Grilling

On The Road With Emma

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Nov 21, 2023 1:11:26 PM

For my first trip I went down to Texas to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area for a BWI sales meeting. This was the first sales meeting I have ever been a part of, so it was interesting to be able to see the layout and understand how they are scheduled with limited time. From a manufacturers perspective it was interesting to see how the information being presented is carefully picked to ensure that it is broad enough to catch everyone in the room but specific enough that you are able to get your point across and show what you have to offer. I also was able to start to get a better understanding of questions that may be asked and just an overall better feel for the flow and pace of these presentations.

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Topics: Golf Course, Turfgrass, golf, golf course industry, AQUA-AID Solutions