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Pioneer in Turfgrass Water Reduction Research with PBS150 and OARS HS

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Apr 11, 2024 2:43:49 PM
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AQUA-AID Solutions continues to set new standards in the turfgrass industry by being the first company to have published, peer-reviewed research to quantify a reduction in irrigation water use and irrigation frequency with turfgrass treated with a soil surfactant.

This study represents the first research to quantify a reduction in irrigation water use and irrigation frequency with turfgrass treated with a soil surfactant. This peer-reviewed Penn State University research study published in the Journal of Environmental Horticulture - March 2024 . The research was conducted on a clay loam rootzone to measure if irrigation inputs could be reduced on mineral soils that are common on all types of turf management systems.

 Highlights of Trial

  • Penn State University research study showed that creeping bentgrass plots treated with PBS150® or OARS HS® resulted in a range of 36.5 to 39.4% reduction in irrigation water consumption over a 63-day dry-down period versus plots only treated with irrigation water.

  • Turfgrass plots that were treated with 3 applications of PBS150® and OARS HS® prior to the 63-day dry-down period required a significantly lower number of irrigation events (13-14 waterings) versus untreated plots that only received irrigation with no soil surfactant (24 – 43 waterings).

OARS HS_PBS150 Dry-down study graph_2

AQUA AID Solutions strives every day to produce solutions that permit golf courses, sports turf, landscapers, and homeowners to more effectively and efficiently manage their turf and landscapes around the world. For years, we heard from turf managers that a PBS150® program has allowed them significant reduction in the amount irrigation needed to grow healthy sustainable turfgrass.

 We are proud to be the first company in the turf industry to provide published, peer-reviewed research on patented commercially available surfactants, proving they will do what we say they do, providing 30% or more water savings. PBS150® and OARS HS® the two products utilized in the study, are patented proprietary surfactant technologies distributed around the world through our exclusive distribution network. PBS150® comprising a multi-branched surfactant technology, allows end users which includes, golf courses, sports turf, and homeowners, to use less product for season long moisture management control versus other surfactants on the market. The low use rates permit cost savings in labor, electric, as well as irrigation run times.  

 For over 38 years, across our four Solution pillars, we have strived to produce peer reviewed research and field data to validate our solutions to the end users.  We entered a research study with Penn State University to quantify factually, the amount of water reduction end users was observing on a PBS150® program.

Turf Managers around the world are being asked to conserve water by eliminating acres of maintained turf and significantly reduce water usage within their agronomic programs.  We feel this research provides us factual proof that using PBS150® on large areas of turf and OARS HS® on greens and tees should provide turf managers around the world a 30% or more reduction in irrigation needs while still maintaining a healthy stand of turf.  We will continue to be the world leader in producing environmentally sustainable solutions for the Turf and Landscape market.” – Sam Green, President, AQUA AID Solutions

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