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Verde-Cal G: A nothern perspective

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Apr 12, 2021 7:08:08 AM
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Solutions 4 Turf Podcast: Part 2 Understanding the technology of enhanced Calcium Products

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Oct 7, 2020 6:22:42 AM

In Part 2 of our podcast, Sam Green walks through utilizing the Verde-Cal Products within your agronomic program. Whether you need to triage a soil chemistry issue or on a regular nutritional program, Verde-Cal Products will provide a more efficient and effective return on your investment. 

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The Perfect Time to Apply Verde-Cal®

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Oct 15, 2018 7:26:08 AM

Late Summer and Early Fall is a great time of year to use VERDE-CAL products. Turf is generally at its highest stress point and September and October can typically be dry months. VERDE-CAL can offer some relief by releasing calcium and thus conditioning the soil and making other nutrients available. These newly available nutrients can offer your turf some of the relief it needs at a time when it may need it most. It is really about the volume of calcium. By releasing “real pounds” of calcium into the soil structure - in various forms, thorough conditioning of the soil can occur. This may be visually seen as green up, growth, rooting, stress reduction, and perhaps even some disease relief. We do not claim VERDE-CAL products will cure disease, but feedback certainly tells us that the benefit of available calcium can make a difference. Remember, better uptake and translocation of nutrients and water will always benefit the turf and allow the turf to withstand stresses better.

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