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Understanding Water Quality and How it Effects Infiltration

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Apr 26, 2024 9:53:46 AM
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The health and vitality of turfgrass, whether on golf courses, sports fields, or home lawns, rely heavily on efficient irrigation practices. However, the quality of water used for irrigation can influence the performance of your turfgrass.

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Poor water quality presents a myriad of challenges that directly impact the infiltration of water into the soil, a critical process for sustaining healthy turfgrass growth. Understanding the intricate interplay between poor water quality and its effects on irrigation water infiltration in turfgrass systems is essential for implementing strategies to mitigate potential damage and optimize turf performance in various settings.

Tyler Warner discusses the effects of poor water quality and some solutions for mitigating issues if you have them.


Topics: Rootzone Management, Calcium, soil testing, Soil Solutions, thCa, Verde-Cal G