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Importance of a late season surfactant application

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Nov 22, 2022 8:27:16 AM
AQUA-AID Solutions
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Sam Green discusses the importance of making a late season surfactant application. The past several years, we have experienced challenging winter weather in the Northern part of our country. Courses experiencing cold and dry conditions will benefit from a late application of OARS HS to help mitigate winter desiccation.

Other areas have experienced higher than normal precipitation while temperatures have fluctuated causing the ground to go through several freeze thaw cycles. OARS PS will help reduce excessive moisture in the soil,  helping the plant survive the winter.

Research conducted with OARS has also proven to produce a quicker Spring green-up when late season applications are made. 

Topics: Golf Course, Moisture Management, OARS PS, Poa annua management, OARS HS, Bentgrass, winter