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On The Road With Emma

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Nov 21, 2023 1:11:26 PM
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For my first trip I went down to Texas to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area for a BWI sales meeting. This was the first sales meeting I have ever been a part of, so it was interesting to be able to see the layout and understand how they are scheduled with limited time. From a manufacturers perspective it was interesting to see how the information being presented is carefully picked to ensure that it is broad enough to catch everyone in the room but specific enough that you are able to get your point across and show what you have to offer. I also was able to start to get a better understanding of questions that may be asked and just an overall better feel for the flow and pace of these presentations.

We were also able to grab a look at the PGA Frisco which is a very cool unique property. The property used to be a cattle ranch, so it was neat being able to see the rustic aspects they kept throughout the property. It was also very interesting to learn about how they are working to integrate the golf world with the community down there and encourage the community to come out and give golf a try. They have a very large putting green, close to 2 acres, that has a large jumbo screen on one end where they play movies on and has lots of little shops around it including ice cream and retail surrounding it. They also have putters to rent to try and encourage people to come over and hangout at the property. They also have a par 3 course that stays open late into the night under lights for another fun experience. Overall it is great experience getting to see what they have going on and how they are making a gathering place for the community.

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