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Microbial Examination of Worm Power Turf

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Nov 7, 2019 1:14:16 PM

Consistent. Verifiable. Research backed.

In everything truth surpasses the imitation and copy. - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Since the genesis and subsequent success of Worm Power Turf many have attempted to copy the success. It's time to weed out the empty and unproven claims and cut right to the facts.

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Turf Research - GCM share current surfactant research updates

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Nov 1, 2019 7:31:20 AM

Golf Course Management Magazine recently shared two research studies on turf industry surfactants. You can find both research articles below. 

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Research: Winter Hydration with OARS PS

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Oct 30, 2019 8:23:50 AM

In 2015 we evaluated the efficacy of OARS PS in providing winter hydration to putting greens. Our focus was to provide research based facts that OARS PS could provide the following for turfgrass managers:

  • After an application of OARS PS, the soil profile can be dried down and then be rewet without having to make an additional surfactant application. Our molecule will activate in the soil to rehydrate the profile.
  • The regenerational, multi-branch chemistry will have the longevity to over winter and provide hydration benefits in the spring following a thaw. 
  • OARS PS will mitigate LDS occurrence throughout the winter months with only one fall application.
  • OARS PS will mitigate both LDS and winter desiccation with one fall app and a spring follow up application. 
  • Overall an application of OARS PS made in the fall will help the plant maintain its health during winter months and allow for recovery from environmental conditions in the spring. 
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Golf course turfgrass managers share their successes with PBS150 hydrating surfactant

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Sep 16, 2019 10:01:59 AM

Golf course turfgrass managers share their successes when incorporating AQUA-AID Solutions' PBS150 into their agronomic programs.

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#PoaDay 2019

Posted by AQUA-AID Solutions on Apr 1, 2019 2:50:30 PM


 Poa Day 2019 On Demand video


Innovation is in our DNA so we couldn't be prouder to support the third annual #PoaDay with the University of Tennessee turfgrass team.

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